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Prospective Tenants
Apartment Information
Do you have a list of available apartments?
Our current list of available apartments can be found here. If you have additional questions about a particular unit, please call 1.866.758.3831
Do Paper Street apartments offer any amenities?

Each property managed by Paper Street has different amenities for residents. Typical amenities for our units may include:On-site laundry, In-unit laundry, building security cameras, gated entry, cable TV, free heat, outdoor space, air conditioning, granite countertops. new appliances, hardwood floors, parking etc. For information on specific units call us 866.758.3831 or view our available units here .

Does the rent include any Utilities?
Rent typically includes water and garbage service. Only SOME apartments include free heat (to be indicated in the lease). Otherwise, gas and electric are to be paid by the tenant.
Does Paper Street offer units with heat included?
Paper Street has many units that include heat. Please ask your leasing agent for confirmation.
How much does it usually cost to heat an apartment?
For a 12-Month Budget Payment Plan, you will pay around $200 per month in winter. If you stretch over 12 months, it will cost around $60-70 per month. Payments are made directly to your gas provider. If you are responsible for the heating cost, Paper Street does provide prospective tenants a heating cost disclosure for each specific unit applied for.
Does Paper Street allow pets?

Some of our apartments are pet-friendly. Please consult with the Property Manager for the specific property to determine the policy. Properties that are pet-friendly, have with the following restrictions:


Maximum number of pets: 2 Dogs and or cats

Maximum weight per pet: 35lbs.

Fees: $250 non-refundable one-time Pet Fee OR additional $25/mo (at discretion of Property Manager)

Service Dogs: Exempt from the weight restrictions. Owner must provide detailed documentation proving their use as a service dog.

Are their maximum occupancy rules for each different bedroom unit?

Our maximum occupancies are as follows:

Studio = 2 max

1 bed = 3 max

2 bed = 4 max

3 bed = 6 max

4 bed = 7 max

Does Paper Street charge any move-in fees?

After your application is approved you will need to pay:

1. A non-refundable move-in fee* ranging between $200-700

2. Move-in fee is determined based upon the property address and the lease start date.

3. First month’s rent (including any required pet fees)

Qualifying for a Paper Street Apartment Unit
Do you have minimum qualification criteria to rent a Paper Street apartment?

Paper Street does enforce minimum qualification requirements for renting our apartments. However, because Paper Street manages properties for different landlords, the qualifications may vary from one property to the next. Qualification criteria should always be consistent for any given property to be fair to all applicants. Paper Street complies with all Fair Housing laws. In general, Paper Street maintains the following guidelines for application:

Move Date: Must be moving within the next 60 days

Rental History: Must be at least 18 years of age

Eviction History: No evictions in past 3 years

Background: No Felonies within the last 10 years

Moving Papers: Must have access to your Moving Papers (Only applicable for section 8 renters)

Co-Signer: Access to a co-signer (if necessary)

Income: Net income (after taxes) is two and a half times the monthly rent

Employment: Must be employed or have a permanent source of income


If you are a prospective tenant, you are encouraged to download the following document for a detailed description of our current leasing guidelines:

Paper Street Leasing Guidelines for Tenants (pdf attachment)


If you would like a statement of specific reasons your application may have been declined, you may write in your request to our office at:

Paper Street Realty

1641 W Carroll Ave, Suite 201

Chicago, IL 60612

How do I schedule a showing?
Showings can be scheduled by calling 866-758-3831.
Does Paper Street accept Subsidy Programs such as Section 8 or LIHTF?

Paper Street does accept Section 8 vouchers and many other subsidy/housing voucher programs.To inquire about your specific subsidy program, please call us at 866.758.3831.

Moving In
My application is approved, and I am ready to move in. How do I get my keys?

In order to receive your keys you will have to submit the following information to Paper Street:

1. Valid State ID

2. Proof of Income

3. Completed Lease Packet

4. First Month’s Rent

5. Full or Remaining Move-In Fee

Do I need to pay a Security Deposit?
Most units do not require a Security Deposit. Please refer to your rental application or lease.
Is the Move-in fee refundable?
Move-in fees are non-refundable.
Does Paper Street prorate rent if I move in after the 1st of the Month?
Rent is prorated based upon the date you received your keys. Paper Street will simply divide your rent by the number of days remaining in the month. Move in Fees and the prorated rent must be paid prior to moving in.
Does Paper Street have a Tenant Handbook?

Please download and review this SAMPLE version of our tenant handbook prior to your move-in date. If you have any questions or concerns, please notify your Leasing Agent or Property Manager.


Paper Street Tenant Handbook (pdf attachment)

Paying Rent
How do I pay my rent?

Rent can be paid by credit card, debit card, check or money order using the following options:

1. Pay Rent Online at http://www.paperstreetproperties.com

2. Pay Rent Over the Phone by Calling 866.758.3831

3. Mail a Money Order or Check To:

Paper Street Realty

1641 W Carroll Ave, Suite 201

Chicago, IL 60612

Is rent due on the 1st of the month?
Rent must be received by the 1st of the month (unless explicitly stated otherwise on your lease) and late fees are assessed starting after the 5th.
Do you charge a late fee for rent paid after the 1st?
Rents received after the 5th of the month will be charged applicable late fees. Failure to pay rent on time may result in court and eviction procedures.
Keys & Mailbox Keys
Is there a charge to get additional keys for my unit and/or mailbox?
Paper Street charges $10 per additional key. Keys can be picked up at our office or directly from a Property Manager.
How can I submit a maintenance request?

Maintenance Requests can be submitted using the following options:

1. Make the Request Online at http://www.paperstreetproperties.com

2. Make the Request Over the Phone by Calling 866.758.3831

Does Paper Street have an office location?

Our offices are located at:

Paper Street Realty

1641 W Carroll Ave, Suite 201

Chicago, IL 60612

Leasing Agents
Leasing for Paper Street Properties

If you are a leasing agent, please download and review the following files prior to leasing apartments for Paper Street:

Leasing for Paper Street Properties (pdf attachment)

Paper Street Leasing Guidelines for Agents (pdf attachment)

Paper Street Rental Key Agreement (pdf attachment)

1641 W Carroll Ave, Suite 201, Chicago, IL 60612
PH :  1.866.758.3831  Email: team@paperstreetproperties.com